Teeth whitening is one of the best ways to quickly enhance your smile. Professionally whitened teeth provide a more youthful, brighter look in only about an hour in your orthodontist’s office. You leave the appointment feeling more confident with your gorgeous smile. Your orthodontist also helps you learn how to maintain your whiter smile, as well as providing advice on improving your teeth through Invisalign or braces.

Why Your Teeth Become Dull and Yellow

A woman receives teeth whitening treatment in Pearland TXWhen your teeth first grow into place, they are bright white. This white color comes from the tooth’s enamel surface, much like porcelain. Enamel is made up of microscopic crystalline rods that protect your teeth from daily wear and tear of eating, gnashing, sugars, and trauma. However, enamel wears down over time, losing this bright white appearance.

The yellow you see on your teeth as you look in the mirror is often actually your dentin. Dentin is the tooth’s core material. This color shows through the enamel and makes your smile dull. Of course, certain foods and beverages can stain the enamel as well.

Over the years, routine eating and chewing cause millions of tiny cracks in the enamel of your teeth. The dentin remains unharmed. However, in these cracks, stains and debris build up to create a dull appearance. Yellow dentin also shows through the gaps between enamel rods.

Teeth whitening removes debris and stains from your teeth. This leaves the cracks in the enamel open. Saliva helps some of the cracks remineralize. Of course, other cracks can start filling with debris again.

Is Teeth Whitening Actually Bleaching Your Teeth?

Bleaching is a term used only when your teeth whitening brightens your teeth beyond their natural color, according to the FDA’s rules for advertising and product information. Therefore, you only see bleaching mentioned on products that actually contain bleach, such as hydrogen peroxide or other peroxides.

Teeth whitening restores your tooth’s surface color. Under this definition, even your toothpaste acts like teeth whitening, although it may not use that term.

Whitening Your Teeth with Your Orthodontist’s Help

When you undergo teeth whitening treatment in Pearland TX, your orthodontist uses powerfully fast-acting hydrogen peroxide. You cannot match this level of whitening through home treatments bought at the drug store. In fact, home whitening kits only include about a third of the whitening power of your orthodontist’s teeth whitening treatment in Pearland TX.

In-office teeth whitening treatment in Pearland TX provides a significant color change in minutes. Your orthodontist carefully controls the use of a high concentration whitening agent. This professional method also protects your gums from the damaging bleach chemicals.

If you wish to try whitening or refreshing your brighter teeth at home, your orthodontist can also provide access to professional take-home whitening kits. These kits offer better results than store-bought versions. They use a safe, lower-concentration peroxide gel than the orthodontist applies in her office.

A Brighter, Gorgeous Smile in Pearland, TX

G Orthodontics in Pearland, Texas whitens your teeth and helps you improve your smile in other ways, such as through teeth straightening. These services give you the confidence you need to keep smiling your biggest and brightest.

Services at G Orthodontics include:

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