braces on fake teeth represent orthodontic treatment in Pearland TX

How to Find Orthodontic Treatment in Pearland TX

Whether it’s because you see crooked teeth when looking in the mirror, or your dentist mentions you need orthodontic care, finding a new orthodontist is never easy. Whether for yourself or someone you love, you wonder how to find orthodontic treatment in Pearland TX that you can rely on. After all, this treatment plays a…

a man uses a CPAP as one of his sleep apnea treatment options

Most Effective Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Sleep apnea is a bigger deal than you might think. Thankfully, your orthodontist at G Orthodontics understands your need for a good night’s sleep and the improved health this promotes. With multiple sleep apnea treatment options through your orthodontist, you can be sleeping better in no time. What Are Sleep Apnea Treatment Options and Who…

A woman celebrates national brush day 2018

Celebrate National Brush Day 2018 With Us

G Orthodontics is celebrating National Brush Day 2018 on November 1. This annual dental health event raises awareness about the importance of your child’s tooth brushing habits. Children’s oral health plays a significant role in their dental condition as adults, as well as in self-confidence and socialization. So for this November, pay close attention to…