At G Orthodontics, we believe in providing comprehensive solutions to perfect your smile. BOTOX for gummy smile is a non-surgical cosmetic procedure that can be beneficial after completing orthodontic treatment. It addresses the aesthetic concern of excessive gum display when smiling, ensuring your beautifully aligned teeth are showcased with balance and confidence.

Key Aspects of BOTOX for Gummy Smile:

Non-Surgical Solution:

  • BOTOX for gummy smile is a non-invasive approach to address excessive gum display. It involves the strategic injection of BOTOX into specific facial muscles, temporarily reducing the upward movement of the upper lip and minimizing gum exposure when smiling.

Precision and Expertise:

  • Administered by skilled professionals at G Orthodontics, BOTOX injections are precise and strategically targeted to achieve optimal results. Our expertise ensures a customized approach to enhance your smile aesthetics while maintaining a natural look.

Enhancing Smile Symmetry:

  • BOTOX helps create a more balanced smile by limiting the visibility of excessive gum tissue. This ensures that your teeth and gums harmoniously complement each other, contributing to an aesthetically pleasing and confident smile.


Benefits of BOTOX for Gummy Smile After Orthodontic Treatment:

Smile Refinement:

  • BOTOX addresses the aesthetic concern of a gummy smile, refining the overall appearance of your smile after orthodontic treatment.


  • As a non-surgical solution, BOTOX offers a convenient and minimally invasive way to enhance your smile without the need for additional procedures.

Customized Results:

  • Our professionals tailor BOTOX injections to your unique facial anatomy and desired outcome, ensuring a personalized and natural-looking enhancement.

Quick and Comfortable:

  • BOTOX injections are quick, typically completed in a short office visit, and involve minimal discomfort. This allows you to achieve your desired smile aesthetics without extended downtime.

Your Smile, Your Confidence:

At G Orthodontics, we understand that achieving the perfect smile involves more than just straightening teeth. BOTOX for gummy smile is one of our comprehensive solutions to ensure your confidence shines through in your beautifully aligned smile. Trust our skilled professionals to enhance the aesthetics of your smile post-orthodontic treatment with precision and artistry.