At G Orthodontics, we understand that the final touches to your radiant smile include achieving the perfect shade of brightness. Laser whitening is a cutting-edge, in-office treatment that seamlessly enhances the aspect of your smile, delivering immediate and stunning results. Following orthodontic treatment, this swift and effective whitening solution ensures your beautifully aligned teeth shine at their brightest.


Key Features of Laser Whitening:

In-Office Efficiency:

  • Laser whitening is an in-office treatment designed for those seeking a swift and seamless whitening solution. With a treatment time of only 30 minutes, you can conveniently enhance the brightness of your smile during a single visit to our office.

Immediate Changes:

  • The advanced technology used in laser whitening provides immediate changes to the color of your teeth. You’ll notice a brighter and more vibrant smile as soon as the treatment is complete.

Results You Can See:

  • On average, patients experience an impressive 5 shade changes to their smiles after laser whitening. This remarkable improvement ensures that your teeth reach a level of brightness that complements your orthodontically perfected smile.